Instructions for Club Website Updates

May 22, 2016 | Posted in Announcements

The Pennsylvania District web site allows each club to update their own club information. There are many new features available to each club and the person who updates the club page including uploading files & photos, calendar postings, news articles, as well as adding a Google map of your club's meeting location.

For more information, click here

*Note: The International Website is SEPARATE from the Pennsylvania District Website. *

Your club should also make sure information is updated with Kiwanis International for potential new members. When potential new members are interested in Kiwanis, they often click the "FIND A CLUB" button on our website and search for a club near their home or work location. When they choose the "Find a club near me" option, they are prompted for their full city name (or postal code) to help our system gather the correct list of clubs for them. They are also prompted to provide an ideal radius (miles or kilometers) to help narrow the search down by how far they would be willing to travel.

The result is a Google map with all the Kiwanis club meeting spots within that radius. Under the map is a list of those clubs, corresponding to their location in distance order from nearest to farthest away. The club listings provide meeting location, address, meeting day and time and a link to the club's website if they have one saved into the Kiwanis International database.

Take time today to go search for your club at and be sure your listing is correct and that your location is properly pinpointed on the map. If its incorrect, your club secretary can change this information on the Kiwanisone reporting system club secretary dashboard (requires login). The dashboard now even features a thumbnail of the Google map to provide another way for you to spot-check that your club is correctly identified on our club locator app.